Policy Development and Planning Section

S P A R K   Award

Field Office - National Capital Regional was commended by DSWD Secretary, Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, for accomplishing the CY 2021 targets under the DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022, specially on the seventeen (17) Local Government Units (LGUs) provided with technical assistance along delivery of social protection services; twenty-six (26) Social Welfare and twenty-six (26) SWDAs awarded with registration and/or licensing certificate; and development of the Regional COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan. Hence, is being with Strategic Contribution Performance that is Able to Reach Key Targets (SPARK) in view of completed commitments as of June 2021. 

FO-NCR Performance Evaluation and 

Review Session

19 March 2021 l via Zoom 

The PRE session was conducted by the DSWD Performance Management Team of DSWD-Central Office headed by USec. Danilo G. Pamonag as the Chair and ASec. Rodolfo M. Santos as the Vice-Chair. ASec. Rhea B. Peñaflor was also present during the activity as one of the rater for FO-NCR.

Team of FO-NCR was led by RD Vicente Gregorio B. Tomas together with his RMancom members. During the session, accomplishments of the field office were presented vis-à-vis its target. Further, negotiation on rating was also done to get the full point for those indicators with deducted ratings. 

PRE session is conducted every semester in compliance with the approved DSWD DSPMS guidelines.   

DSWD 1st Staff Conference Meeting

FO-NCR Regional Mancom Committee participated the conference meeting held last January 15, 2021. said activity was spearheaded by the Office of the Secretary.  

Synchronized Regional Management Development Commitee Meeting

The 1st Synchronized Regional Management Development Committee meeting held last January 12, 2021. Said activity was participated-in by the members of rmancom, all C/RCF Heads, Section and Unit Heads. 

Highlight of the discussions are issues and challenges of the programs and support to operations as well as recommendation for action.

Part of the agenda also was the orientation of Association of DSWD Social Workers Incorporated (ADSWI) by Mr. Ricky Bunao, SWO V of DSWD FO-IVA, Guidelines on Overtime by Ms. Cory Ricare of PAD-DSWD Central Office and Use of Completed Infra Projects of DSWD-NCR by Usec. Camilo Gudmalin. 


Policy and Plans Division

Field Office - NCR


Finalist for 2020 DSWD-NCR PRAISE Group Award

The Policy and Plans Division won the DSWD-NCR PRAISE Group Award for Best Support to Operations Office. The Division is responsible for the development and enhancement of customer- driven social protection technologies, communicating, advocating, coordinating and collaborating on matters relating to policy development and plan formulation. 

Hubs of expert in different field of social welfare development programs and services composed of five (5) Sections/Units with thirty-eight (38) staff; the Social Welfare Specialist Group/Social Technology Unit (SWSs /STU), Policy Development and Planning Section (PDPS), National Household Targeting Section (NHTS), Regional Information and Communication Technology Management Section (RICTMU) and Standards Section (SS). 

Visible proof of being the best Support Office of the PPD is having the awarded “Best Social Welfare Specialist for CY 2019”, nominated “Best Supervisor”, “Best Technical Staff” and awarded “Best Division Chief” during the National and Regional PRAISE Awarding.

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Ms. Manuela Manongsong-Loza

OIC-Assistant Regional Director for Administration and Concurrent Chief, Policy and Plans Division


15 years in the position & 38 years in service

Ms. Manuela Manongsong-Loza won the Best Division Chief 2020 DSWD PRAISE Individual Award during the 70th Founding Anniversary of DSWD

Previous awards received by Ms. Loza were Best Division Chief CY 2017 during that year Regional PRAISE Awarding. Likewise, she was nominated as Best Center Head for her exemplary performance during her stint as Center Head of Jose Fabella Center (JFC) in year 2007.  

The following are some of the notable contribution of Ms. Loza.  Through the leadership of Ms. Loza, the Regional Policy Development and Review Committee (RPDRC) which she chaired was able to approve and circulate 19 regional policies from 2017-2019.

With this initiative, the Policy Development and Planning Section was awarded as Best in Knowledge Management Initiative Award” during the 2019 and “Knowledge Management-Productivity Recognition, Innovation and Development for Effectiveness for CY 2019 for initiating activities to strengthen the Knowledge Management of Division/Unit/Section/Center/Residential Care Facilities by Central Office.

Capacitated the RPDRC members through training on Effective Policy Development, Review, Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation was conducted attended by RPDRC members as well as D/C/RCF/S/U Heads. Ladderized Monitoring and Evaluation Training to M&E Focal Persons to strengthen the Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism to ensure proper and efficient databanking for evaluation purposes. 

Lastly, the elevation and creation of a “Sub-Committee on Social Protection under the Regional Development Council – Sectoral-Committee on Social Development – Sub-Committee on Social Protection” to the Regional Development Committee in Metropolitan Manila chaired and composed of all NCR’s Local Chief Executives. As a leader, she would always say that one of the most rewarding work is to help other people realize their potential and the best way to do it is to empower and motivate them to be a better version of themselves. She is known of her saying that goes



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