Regional Policy Development and Review Committee

Regional Policy Development and Review Committee (RPDRC)

The RPDRC was established in the Field Office NCR on 2007, pursuant to Regional Administrative Order No. 242, Series of 2007: Guidelines on the Regional Policy Development Process cognizant with the Social Welfare and Development (SWD) concerns, as well as guided by the Policy Formulation Process Flow Chart used in Central Office to have a uniform and consistent process of policy development process in DSWD-NCR and its D/C/RCF/S/Us. The committee convene monthly and call for a special meeting at least four times in a year. RAO No. 242, s.2017 was later revised into RAO No. 17, series of 2012 which was amended by RMO No. 008, series of 2018 in response to the memorandum issued by the Central Office providing the scheme that would facilitate the process of of the review and approval of MOOs likewise to align with the AO 3, Series of 2014: Guidelines and Protocols for DSWD Issuances and AO No. 13, Series of 2015: DSWD Policy Development Framework.


  • Review draft or existing policies endorsed by the D/C/RCF/S/Us in the Field office-NCR;

  • Recommend the formulation of a policy that would respond to emerging social welfare and development issues and concerns;

  • Delegate draft policy issues needing professional expertise from allied services or any other offices that may found necessary.;

  • Hold regular monthly meetings or a special meeting as need arises; and

  • Submit finalized policy to RMANCOM for approval.

RPDRC Regular Monthly Meeting

The RPDRC convene on June 11, 2021 for the committee's regular monthly meeting to discuss policy concerns and review proposed policies submitted by the D/C/RCF/S/Us. The following are the agenda: (1) 1st Review of Guidelines on the Use of Informed Consent for Case Management proposed by the Office of Regional Center Coordinator (ORCC); and (2) Style Guide in writing per ISO issued by HRMDS-CO vis-à-vis RMO No. 003 Series of 2019. Ms. Manuela M. Loza, OIC-ARDA, Concurrent Policy and Plans Division Chief and RPDRC Chairperson presided the meeting, staff from the ORCC Ms. Mariel Cueto with the RCC Ms. Maridol R. Licerio presented the draft guidelines to the committee.


  • For CY 2021, 108% or 13 out of 12 target RPDRC meetings were conducted.

  • All RPDRC meeting was conducted via blended platforms (face-to-face and google meet).


  • 100% or 22 active draft policy guidelines of DCRFCUSs and partners reviewed and commented by RPDRC members.

  • There are 6 Approved FO- Initiated Guidelines against the target of two (2) for CY 2021.

Approved FO- Initiated Guidelines for 2021:

  1. RMO No. 001 s.2021: DSWD-NCR CY 2021 Thrust and Priorities

  2. RMO No. 002 s.2021: Protocol for the Conduct of Research Studies in DSWD NCR under New Normal Situations

  3. RMO No 003 s. 2021: Addendum to RMO 001 S 2021 DSWD-NCR Thrust and Priorities

  4. RMO No. 004 s. 2021: Guidelines on the Management of DSWD -NCR Mobile Kitchen during Deployment

  5. RMO 005 S 2021: Guidelines on the Selection on Resource Person and Learning Facilitators for Learning and Development Interventions for Partner Intermediaries and Stakeholders of DSWD-NCR

  6. Amendment of RAO No. 073 s.2010: Guidelines in the Management of Food Supplies and Food Service Operations at the Residential Care Facilities

2022 RPDRC Schedule and Policies for Review

schedule of RPDRC Meeting.xlsx

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