Policy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation


The development of policies to promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged sectors is a primary function of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (EO No. 15, series of 1989). It emphasizes the role of the DSWD as the lead public sector agency in the development of SWD policies and mandates the formulation and advocacy of a just and responsive social welfare and development (SWD) legislative agenda polices and plans, as well as ensuring their effective implementation.


With the emerging SWD policy concerns especially in the implementation of the Department and Field Office programs, an in-depth and extensive analysis and formulation of evidence-based social protection policies is needed to look into the risks, effectiveness of the programs and formulate appropriate responses and strategies towards the enhancement of policies, thus, the programs. DSWD Administrative Order No. 13, series of 2015 or the DSWD Policy Development Framework, rationalize and provide a clear guideline on the process and strategies of developing policy issuances in both the OBSUs and FOs. It institutionalizes the conduct of policy analysis in the development of DSWD policy issuances and provides standard definition or description of the different policy documents and policy activities conducted in the development of policy issuances.

Training on Policy Development Process

DSWD-NCR programs and services evolved and become large in scope in terms of program implementation, workforce and of most concern the huge budget allocation. With these breakthroughs, the FO’s accountability in securing a well-implemented plans and targets is of utmost important, hence, program implementation have to be guided with appropriate and responsive policies. Thus, to continuously capacitate the RPDRC Members and other FO staff concerned in policy development, Training on Policy Development Process, was conducted on August 31- September 2, 2022 participated in by sixty (60) FO-NCRs RPDRC Members, D/CRCFs- PDRC Member and the PDPS Staff considering that they are the technical staff in-charge in the review, drafting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the new and existing program/administrative policies.

DSWD-NCR Policy Forum on DSWD Proposed Bills, Issuances and Policies re: National Commission on Disability Affairs Act and An Act Reinstituting Absolute Divorce as Alternative Mode for the Dissolution of Marriage or the "Absolute Divorce Act"

In support of the DSWD Priority Legislative Measures, the FO-NCR continuously conducts CY 2022 Policy Forum with the topic National Commission on Disability Affairs Act and An Act Reinstituting Absolute Divorce as Alternative Mode for the Dissolution of Marriage or the "Absolute Divorce Actlast May 31, 2022 and November 25, 2022  held via face to face and Teleconference (Google Meet). The forum was attended by three hundred eighty two (382) participants from the different Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs) – City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Offices (C/MSWDOs), Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, Academe, Social Worker students, Media Personnel and Field Office Staff. Panelist were represented by Academe, SWDA, C/MSWDO, member of RIACAT-VAWC and Private Lawyers and Resource Persons from the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW). 


The Department of Social Welfare and Development as the lead in social protection is mandated to monitor and evaluate the implementation of SWD policies, plans and programs and poverty alleviation efforts in the social welfare development sector (EO.15, S.1998). The Department’s policy-related initiatives are anchored on its vision as stated under AO No. 2 s. 2017 and expected to take the lead in the formulation, implementation and coordination of social welfare and development policies and programs for and with the poor and the vulnerable sectors.

The DSWD Policy and External Affairs Division of the Policy Development and Planning Bureau take the lead in the continuous monitoring of the implementation and compliance to SWD laws. The SWD laws monitoring will aid the department to carry out its mandate in providing technical assistance and resource augmentation on SWD policies and programs implementation particularly with the approaching full implementation of Devolution 2. 

Considering the Covid-19 situation, shifting of focus from rowing to steering functions of the Department in the implementation of Mandanas Ruling and aligning with the Department’s Policy Agenda of developing systems for improving process through the use of technology, PEAD has made an initiative to enhance the monitoring templates and at the same time innovate and streamline the process of monitoring SWD laws through online platforms to efficiently monitor the compliances to SWD laws, instead of the usual manual monitoring of LGUs compliance which is really tedious and time consuming.

With this, the Orientation Workshop on Online Monitoring of SWD Laws was conducted on June 29, 2021 via online platform participated in by the SWD Laws Focal Persons from the different DSWD Field Offices. Mr. Mark M. Garcia, POIV/Head, Ms. Lily C. Demabildo, PO III and Ms. Rose Sharon G. Alcantara, SWO II of the Policy Development and Planning Section attended the orientation.

The orientation workshop aims to orient and train the Regional Focal Persons on the online monitoring templates of SWD Laws in order to capture and deliver comprehensive assessment reports that are significant in the formulation of essential SWD policies. This workshop will serve as a venue in highlighting the significant roles of Regional Focal Persons and LSWDOs in the monitoring of SWD Laws at the regional and local level.


Specifically, it aims to:

Regional Translation of DSWD CY 2021 Thrusts and Priorities

Monitoring of Social Welfare and Development Laws

Priority Legislative Agenda for the 18th Congress

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