SWD Laws Monitoring

The Department of Social Welfare and Development as the lead in social protection is mandated to monitor and evaluate the implementation of SWD policies, plans and programs and poverty alleviation efforts in the social welfare development sector (EO.15, S.1998). The Department’s policy-related initiatives are anchored on its vision as stated under AO No. 2 s. 2017 and expected to take the lead in the formulation, implementation and coordination of social welfare and development policies and programs for and with the poor and the vulnerable sectors.

The DSWD NCR supports the Policy and External Affairs Division of the Policy Development and Planning Bureau in the continuous monitoring of the implementation and compliance to SWD laws both at the regional and local level. The SWD laws monitoring will aid the department to carry out its mandate in providing technical assistance and resource augmentation on SWD policies and programs implementation. Considering the Covid-19 situation, shifting of focus from rowing to steering functions of the Department in the implementation of Mandanas Ruling and aligning with the Department’s Policy Agenda of developing systems for improving process through the use of technology, PEAD has made an initiative to enhance the monitoring templates and at the same time innovate and streamline the process of monitoring SWD laws through online platforms to efficiently monitor the compliances to SWD laws.