FO-NCR Scoreboards

SP 1 Scoreboard.mp4

Strategic Priority 1: Mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID19 pandemic, natural disaster and human-induced emergencies to DSWD clientele and alleviate their conditions during these situations

There are three (3) deliverables or strategic commitments of FO-NCR for the Strategic Priority 1 of the SULONG Recovery Plan. in the first 2 protective services deliverables for SP 1, the symbol for the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation means that it is part of protective services of the DSWD for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable/disadvantaged individuals. For the Centers and Residential Care Facilities it symbolizes the center or residential care services to the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals or families in crisis providing appropriate intervention geared towards the healing, recovery and reintegration of residents to the family or community.

The doughnut charts display the progress of accomplishment for each deliverable while the bow and arrow represents the overall progress of these protective services. In order for the arrow to hit the center of the target, the bowstring must be drawn back at its 100% which will then snap the arrow forward and fly towards target. The string will be drawn as the target beneficiaries are provided with appropriate protective recovery assistance through these DSWD programs.

For the 3rd commitment of the FO under SP 1, the plant watering can represents the Livelihood Assistance Grant (LAG) provided to the target 4Ps and non-4Ps families by the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) while the phases of the growing tree represents the progress for the number of target families provided with LAG for CY 2021. Like the plants, the target low-income families will again grow and recover from the effects of the pandemic through this promotive recovery assistance of the Department.

SP2 10.11.2021.mp4

Strategic Priority 2: Increase capacity of LGUs to improve the delivery of social protection and social welfare services in response to pandemic and preparation for full implementation of Mandanas

SP 3.mp4

Strategic Priority 3: Regulate SWDAs to continuously comply with SWD standards and regulations

Image of houses and child/children are the symbols used for the SP3. houses represent the Social Welfare and Development Agencies while Child/Children represents the clientele of the Centers/Residential Care Facilities in NCR.

Accomplishments of the Standards Section and the Centers/Residential Care Facilities along the SP 3 deliverables are narrated in the scoreboard presentation.

SP 6 (October 2021) .mov

Strategic Priority 6: Capacity building and occupational health and safety of personnel

The SP6 scoreboard represents a fighting warriors with basecamp as the DSWD, headed by the Regional Director and its management. In this scoreboard, the fighting warriors symbolized the DSWD employees who are committed to overcoming challenges and adversities along its journey in providing social protection programs and services to its clientele.

In order for the fighting warriors to serve the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged sectors, they will have to undergo series of trainings and preparations to equip them with necessary knowledge, skills and psychological readiness that will allow them to be effective and adaptive to the new normal.

In effect of these monitoring indicators and compliance to the same, the fighting warriors will be able to acquire their new normal shields as a defense mechanism to COVID-19 and other adverse effects brought about by the natural hazards. With affirmation of safety and health, a protected fighting warrior is happy to serve the clients with confidence, assertiveness and determination. The fighting warriors will do whatever it takes to be prepared because they believed, the fighting warriors don't just survive, but they overcome and win.