Technical Planning and Budgeting

1st Quarter Regional Budget Review

21-22 April 2021 l via Google Meet

The Regional Budget Review was initiated by the PDPS in 2019 in accordance to the directives of RD Tomas. The activity aims to revisit the target and accomplishment as well as the fund utilization versus fund allotment of per programs.

For FY 2021, the conduct of regional budget review was scheduled every quarter and participated-in by the members of Regional Management and Development Committee, Technical Staff of every programs.

Highlights of discussion are as follows:

  1. Fund Utilization as to Obligation as of March 2021

  2. Financial Guidelines for 2019-2021

  3. Fund Utilization as to Disbursement

  4. DSWD SULONG Recovery Plan 2021-2022 (AO 17, series of 2020)

RDC-NCR Technical Budget Review/Consultation for FY 2022

Regional Director Vicente Gregorio B. Tomas presented the DSWD-NCR budget proposal amounting to Php 9,201,922,398.27 for FY 2022 during the RDC-NCR Technical Budget Review/Consultation for FY 2022 held last February 17, 2021 via Zoom.

From the total amount, Php 7,744,441,814.23 is intended for Tier 1 and Php 1,457,480,584.04 for Tier 2. The Tier 2 proposal covers the additional requirements of the agency for Personal Service, MOOE and Capital Outlay.

Said activity was chaired by Mayor Miguel F. Ponce of Municipality of Pateros and and Co-chaired by Mayor Josefina "Joy" G. Belmonte-Alimurung of Quezon City. The DBM, NEDA and MMDA were part of the technical panel members during the activity. Likewise, different government agencies as well as offices and departments of local government units participated and attended during the activity.

DSWD-NCR Internal Budget Hearing for FY 2022

3-5 February 2021 l via Google Meet

The DSWD-NCR Internal Budget Hearing is one of the initiated activity of PDPS in response to effective planning and budgeting. The 1st DSWD-NCR Internal Budget Hearing was conducted on February 23-24 and 26, 2016 at the Rembrandt Hotel, Quezon City and commenced by the former Director Vicente T. Leyson.

The activity aims to assist and provide technical assistance to D/C/RCF/U/Ss in the formulation of Work and Financial Plan based on need. Said budget proposal was the basis of the region to come-up with regional budget proposal to be submitted in RDC-SDC and DSWD-Central Office.

For FY 2022 budget proposal, said activity was conducted last February 3-5, 2021 and participated-in by the members of regional management and development committee and technical staff.

During the activity, the following topics were also discussed:

  1. Mandanas Ruling

  2. National Budget Circular No. 138, series of 2021

  3. FO-NCR Summary of Comparative Budget for FYs 2019-2021

  4. AO 18, series of 2020

  5. AO 17, series of 2021

Regional Director Vicente Gregorio B. Tomas welcomed the participants and commend everyone for continuously exhibiting utmost transparency and expeditious utilization of funds and delivery of services objectively with full of integrity.

Copy of Presentation

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